Friday, February 5, 2010

Remembering Dad

Wow, time sure goes by quickly. It seems like only last week that I sat here typing a post about my Dad being gone for 2 years-now it is a year later.

So much again has happened this year. Boog is in school, Landon is taking Driver's Ed and I no longer have children in diapers!!!!

This year as I remember Dad--I've opted to go with a light and fun post. For those of you that remember my Dad, fun should have been his middle name. So here are a few pictures I have to share with you all.
That adorable baby on his lap--yep--that is me!!!

Growing up

Dad modeling this awesome pink floral beach towel. Honestly, it was a table clothes, because he was not a fan of a small, thin towel.

Dad and Ubby sporting the same hairstyle after chemo treatments.

Dad was a great list maker. As much as he loved to have fun, he believed in getting the job done first. Work before play!!!

One of the great things about Dad, he was never too busy to stop and say CHEESE!! Yes, we miss him greatly. However, rarely a day goes by that we don't quote him, share a funny story or at least chuckle in his memory. He is gone, but never forgotten.

Seriously, who could forget him.


Janelle said...

Thanks so much for the special post on your dad. I miss him too.


Audra said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. They made me laugh! Praying for you!


steffenboysmom said...

Yes, he was a special guy! I still think of him whenever I eat a nut sub!

Carol said...

Your dad sounds wonderful. I love the pictures you shared. Julie, you and I have that in common. I lost my dad almost 7 years ago. (My mom, too, actually). He was such a funny and joyous man and he made people happy. It sounds to me like your dad did the very same thing.

I celebrate him with you.


Susie said...

I thought of him today as we were getting the trays ready for lunch. Wasn't he the guy that would take a bite out of a doughnut and see if anyone noticed? Keep remembering, the memories only get sweeter!

Pam said...

He was always having fun!! So is his daughter if I remember correctly, yes, I believe I do!