Monday, October 5, 2009

Card Day

Today, Ubby and I got together with some friends to do a little stamping, a little playing and a lot of talking.
Here we are working hard on our cards. We each brought a card or two for all of us to make. It is a great time working and still having a chance to talk. It also gives the kids . . .
time to play. Yes, that is Ubby with the girls. He is baking a cake. A couple of the kiddos are missing from the picture.

OK here is the finished product. Eight handmade cards ready to send.
Not bad for an afternoon, the kids got to play, the mommy's got to craft and chat--it doesn't get much better than that. Hope you had a good afternoon.


Jane E said...

That looks like fun and your cards look beautiful! :) Jane

Klint & Sarah said...

Awww, that looks like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

Carol said...


I love stamping and making cards. You did such a nice job with them. I am loving your new blog look. It suits you.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun Julie! Cute cards!
Tara R.

Anonymous said...

Did ubby pea his PANTS!!!!!!!!