Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grandma Marge!!!

We recently celebrated Grandma Marge's 94th birthday!!! This wasn't the party we originally planned. But we still were able to party. Grandma ended up in the hospital, just a couple of days before her birthday. The nurses found out that we were planning a party so they insisted that we have it there. So we changed the menu. Made it an after supper occasion and went with it!!

Cupcakes and debbies!!!! Now that's a party!!!!

Thankfully all of us but 2 made it to the party. Audrey had to work and Landon moved to college the day before. So wonderful we had the chance to be together. Grandmas always enjoys watching us. We are a pretty interesting group.
                     Grandma went back to Swiss Village the day after the party. And is feeling better.

                                    Happy Birthday Grandma Marge. We LOVE you!!!!

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