Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A benefit for Nikki

If you have been driving around the Berne area, you have probably seen the PRAY for NIKKI signs. Nikki is a young mother in our town with Breast Cancer that has spread to her liver. They have had to stop her treatment. She had a son in May and was diagnosed with cancer right after he was born. Her and her husband Jeff, also have a three year old daughter.

Friends of Nikki are having a benefit for her on December 17 to raise money to help with medical bills.

I am looking for some really nice people to help provide some baked goods for the supper that evening. If you would be willing to bake something or make a dessert would you please contact me. (mjlehman8@gmail.com)

The family is praying for a miracle. Could you please join them in praying and support them by providing some baked goods. Thanks. julie :)


Diane said...

I am praying for Niki! Let me know what I can make!


Jamie R said...

Whatever you need Julie, just let me know.