Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home at last

The summer is flying by and finally it feels like things are starting to settle down. Our summer started with 2 weeks of Bible School. Following Bible School we went on a short family trip. (WARNING: This post contains a lot of pictures!)
You know we packed the truck (at least a full days work getting every one's stuff and our small amount of food ready).

Then we drove, about 3 1/2 hours to:

Hocking Hills State Park

Then we


But check out some of the beautiful things we saw.

We walked some more.

And we saw more beauty.

Now, I think I have shared enough for today. Tune in tomorrow to see where we stayed, how we spent our down time and how we spent our last day together.

(I realize I have been a bad blogger and am going to try to do better--so when I say tomorrow it might not be tomorrow--maybe I should have said next time. Well--we will just see.)


Pam said...

we've all been bad bloggers this time of year!! VBS about does us in doesn't it!! :) I love hocking hills, we've been there a few times. the last time i went i realized my nerves couldn't handle the drop offs and my kids combo (especially these boys!!) so we haven't been back since they were younger... in the fall especially it is beautiful (and a little cooler for all the hiking!)

Carol said...


It sounds like a neat place and your pictures are beautiful.

We have all been "bad" bloggers because in the summertime, life is so fun and busy. I am really sorry I missed you yet again. I'm not sure when I'll be back just yet, but I know when I get what I won on your blog it will bless me. :-)

Can you believe we forgot our camera for the wedding! Sigh I am so disappointed about that. So, no, I will not have pictures to show how our weekend went. We had a great time, and my niece's wedding was a blast.

I'll be looking forward to seeing more pictures on your next post.


Susie said...

What's a bad Blogger :).
Looks like you had fun! Beautiful pics! Glad your back!