Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Project --on hold!!

OK--I am working on a couple of things for Mother's Day. Yes, I know that Mother's Day is this weekend. Anyway ,today I am working on one of my projects (Mom if you are reading this--this is not for you and no you are not getting on like it!) I am ready to go to the next step and the clear gems that I am suppose to be gluing on are MISSING!!!!

Now you see--I am guessing that Ubby took them again or it could be the last time I retrieved them from him and that I put them in a safe place. (You know you put them where the kids won't find them and now either can you!!!! grrrrr)

OK, I will patiently wait till the other kids come home to see if they have seen them--that is if I don't drive into town to buy new ones. However they might not have them here in my small town. :(

Stay tuned!!!!!


On a much happier note, my flower beds are coming back to life and we are going to be seeing a lot of color real soon!!!!

Don't you just love spring!!!

Have a great day!


Moments...by Pam said...

looks good!!

Sarah said...

I couldn;t believe how fast our irises (sp?) popped up. I could have missed them! One of my fav flowers!!