Saturday, January 31, 2009

snow much fun

After months of reading the blogs, I finally decided to make my own.

With three days off this week, we have had time to play in the snow, drink hot chocolate, and play games. It's always nice to have extra family time. Even though we have had lots of fun, we are anxiously awaiting spring!

We wanted to capture the moment, because time goes by fast...


Anonymous said...

Hey I may have fixed the problem Janel!! But then again maybe not--Sundays post didn't even have a place to comment????? This is still a work in progress. julie

Janel said...

Thanks Julie...I can comment here, but not on Yesterday's. I'm excited to see what crazy things happen at the Lehman household!!

Susie said...

Hi Julie!
I was excited to find your blog this morning now I can get to know all you Lehmans better! Cute Posts! Cute Kids!